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What is prefab?

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Prefab or modular houses, are a unique form of modern construction whereby the the key elements/modules are assembled in a factory line by well trained craftsmen under high supervision at each stage from the raw material processing, to module assembly with high quality check assuaring no defects are produced, each of the modules are design and produced as per the clients building’s design. The complete modules are then transported to the desire area of construction for assembly. Unlike conventional houses, prefab houses are built at a faster rate, minimum wastage of material and offer key flexibility in terms of construction cost and period.

And why prefab housing

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home_prefab_and_why_prefab_housing_icons_label affordable construction cost
home_prefab_and_why_prefab_housing_icons_label Energy efficient
home_prefab_and_why_prefab_housing_icons_label Reduced construction time
home_prefab_and_why_prefab_housing_icons_label Environmentally friendly

Our prefab houses

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Our Prefab or modular houses, are modern structures of building which are manufactured at a factory in modular blocks that can be easily packed and shipped to be assembled on building site desired.

Unlike conventional houses prefabs are dubbed to be the modern constructions and offer variety of benefits that makes your home a living sustainable house. There are variety of prefab houses including cement slab, steel casts based houses, polythene based etc. At we aim at producing a more sustainable alternative that is the wooden base structures, from licensed harvesters with reputable rehabilitation schemes of replanting the trees that are being harvested.


My name is Saskia Just, Director of, at we aim to deliver the most sustainable, energy efficient, durable and environmentally friendly housing solution. With our experienced engineers and invested research in the tropical and sub saharan housing solutions, our experts have designed housing units and selected high quality construction materials.